A Tales of Broken Hearted Lovers (An Interlude)

As usual Hasan started his nights after college reading Qur’an, looking for answers of what his been through today. His brother Hameed, same as usual drunk on earthed phenomenon, trying to fix everything beyond his knowledge, a fool among news presenter. Hasan turn on his computer, started doing his paperwork, his smile rouse when a chat pop on messenger from his girlfriend Jenifer. An article about witness protection is being made for his final examination, he ask for his brother Hameed to use earphone during listening music and news at a same time. Hameed is like a robot always doing things at a same time, makes his mind can’t uphold the thoughts that’s runs through his imagination.

“How is your day dear?” ask Jenifer pop chat. Hasan with teary eyes answer Jenifer pop chat,”Still the same Jenifer, trying to keep our days in place, for our future happiness.” Hasan is in rush hour this year for his final examination as a college graduation, at the same time his ex girlfriend on high school is keep on texting him, and Hasan is fed up about all ex gf things, although he still have a sympathy for his ex gf, this texts started to become annoying for him. He very gratefull that Jenifer could accept his past as his, but all about ex gf, makes him could not move on, and grasp his mind on future plan with Jenifer.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself dear,” Jenifer try to ease Hasan. He answer Jenifer with glowing eyes and a hug emoticon. His chapter four on paperwork is about being done, a theory analytical about witness rights on law as a public allegation for social assessment such as a criminal motives and landmarks dispute on abandon assets or properties also a religion such as Islam could solved verdict under hibah laws. He send a kiss and a hug emoticon for Jenifer and set his night prayers, started his sleep for tonight. At the same time his brother kept on awake for almost every night, like he will live forever ruling the world as his mental illness weakening him, day by day.

When the dawn comes, Hasan awakens, he looks at his timeline on social media watching his brother mocking on leaders and celebrities like a madman. His mind could not uphold this crazy thought of his brother from their living room, and started his dawn prayers for a mercy of his brother soul. He walks to the bathroom looks at his brother consciousness, on his handwriting in papers and social media lessons that his brother take notes. Hameed don’t understand is what his been doing on cyber world is an outrages social conduct, that he have been using it since his college years, Hameed didn’t recognize that his false calls on world problems is a result by the time he ruled in college presidency of student government.

Hameed have been using his 15 years of college for two period of college presidency of student government, his rebellion ideas for tearing down national and worldwide government  is becoming a personal obsession and drags his country to go along with him for so many years, this post power syndrome is consume his brother alive and became a mutant of his own public agenda, by the time Hameed runs this mental illness, he swept away and living all loves behind that comes to him from girls who fall in love and admire his bravery.

Hasan talks with mom for a while and get ready to go to his campus, he can’t say anything to his brother outrages pride and after breakfast he walks for a miles to cast a mass transportation to go to downtown. As he go along on trans city train, chat with his friends and Jenifer, friends make joke on him and Jenifer been teasing him. Hasan since his childhood is a loveable person, a calm, a smart and gentle thoughts of him always been his charms, his capability to accents environmental needs makes him so easy to love and admire, always on guard of his environment safety makes people around him feels comfort and a good servant for his surroundings. Hasan walks through the aisle of down town and with exhausted breath he sat down in the middle of public garden at University, his friends as usual take a notice on Hasan presence, drop by, make jokes on him to cheer his day, and pull his shoulder to law faculty student press office. At the office his friends and Jenifer is welcoming him with smile and happy laugh among them, Jenifer with a tender heart grab Hasan shoulder to embrace the love that she have, then serve him with snack and mineral water, take a rest for a while in Jenifer lullaby.

As a Publication Director of the office, Hasan have an obligation to make a monthly assessment for their faculty magazine, after a break of a moment he started to announce this month assessment meeting, he wrote down on billboard at the office to scheduled their reporters to investigate about massive garbage abandoning on northern Capitol bay, an investigation on public garden diversity and an exclusive public announcement for free drinkable water on every corner of the city by the Governor of Capitol. Hasan also wrote down on billboard a possibility of failure on public welfare infrastructure and what reporters should do to lead several questions on source to have a solved answer on public assessment. He also printed an enduring effect possibility on public assessment being made by the governor, hence the publicity of Capitol development blueprint will be enriched by their office assessment.

At the very present, his brother Hameed made love scene by making a several dangerous love stunts with his fiancé across the city with mom’s car, some of them really are romantic, some of them is crazy and overwhelming. With his power play, he drives mom’s car on high speed and testing the nerves on other drivers in highway, and the craziest fact of all, his doing this without smoke, drugs or alcohol intervene, his sub conciousness is liking an adrenHameed rush by himself, and he really are do not know who’s impressed by his love stunts with his fiancé. Taking a moment of stalled gear engine, swift the drives on smooth excessive speed, and extend mom’s car speed by a glimpse of an instinc.

Hameed didn’t realize his stunts could damage mom’s car machine, he supposed to know that his driving technics is only works on cars race, not on public highway, but his arrogances doesn’t stop him. In f&b guest house, Hameed fiancé asking on his future plan for both of them, such as how many kids that they will have, what will be their kids name, how kids supposed to grow up, what kind of education their kids will have and what their kids become in the future. Hameed mindlessly speaking 22 kids and win the world cup. Hameed fiancé so torn apart by his answer, not by his wishes but because Hameed kept answering the same way, and makes his fiancé feels neglected and not taking seriously by him. His fiancé relentlessly remind Hameed of his love promises, until now he only read about her reminder and feel sorry of it. His capability of making love promises to be come true is remain questionable by now, all his texts never came true, all his speech about love has been taking for granted by himself, and Hameed dreams about origin of idea is remained at stall by this moment, and Hameed have been consume by his own random obsessions.

On lovely afternoon, Hameed find himself home and sees mom at the living room watching television. At the backyard he find Hasan and Jenifer planting lilac flowers on family pond, Hameed just stood and stare without spelling any comments about their creative initiation on their family house. Hameed doesn’t realize a moment of his silence of natural beauty hurt Hasan and Jenifer hearts at the same time, both of them were expecting reveliances commencements on memories to be solved by his sudden presence at the lilac planted in family pond and sadly silence were the answer on over of the sudden at his presence. Hasan is a kind of a man who always uphold people values, what is right by the public are the one he conceive as the truth, although he spend his thoughts for throwing several criticism. He never crossed the line on people values and needs, he always bowing his pride down to serve others and send a good intention to extend his service to the environment. Hasan seems likely to have an anger inside his soul but he could manage to control his tempered very well, so many magazine reader is making their statement to the faculty office, and liking his accomplishment on monthly publication of student magazine.

As an amateur journalist, Hasan and friends commencement  were making many random kindness on their University, although several varsity outliners were very fond on randomly banging their office but they could manage exquisitely. Hasan maybe harsh on treating his family but he never hate his brother despite the insanity on his mental illness, Hasan heart is to soft for neglecting his brother. On several occasions, Hasan is trying to blast his brother Hameed to come to his senses, to get a hold on his self righteous pride, and be aware on his responsibility to their house, mom and himself.

But Hameed seems to don’t have any answer of it, he tends to doesn’t know his basic obligation to environment, he always mindlessly overwhelming himself and didn’t measure to the possibility that may threatened their family in his random reading on environmental condition. A kid in an adult shape with very narrow sights on environmental condition, makes Hameed feels himself huge to other perspectives, letting him be irresponsible of his own action. Hasan also constantly remind his brother on his megalomaniac thoughts, same as his brother fiancé, he keep on blasting Hameed to get a grip on reality of every moment that his brother took for granted.

Hasan love journey isn’t always smooth also, like everyone else he has been torn by the love that he cherish on his high school days.  Hasan ex gf, have been haunting his memories for years, a hard triangular love scene landing between Hasan and his ex gf in high school days become a scratches in his walls for so many years. Sadly with Hameed intervene on their break up moment were making them choose a hard path of life to be carried. For many years Hasan live his life on empty hearted, a tears that runs in his sub consciousness heart and mind, years of lonely walk, try to seek his love of a lifetime, at the same time witnessing his brother played a random role with several girls makes Hasan shame of himself for his brother unfaithful way of love.

Hameed were played a love scene between girls, mindlessly proud of his capability and dumped several girls in so many heartless way. And the day of happiness comes to Hasan, meet with Jenifer on student press recruitment and both of them falls in love to each other. Hasan and Jenifer is a couple who likes to take a responsibility of their own love journey, and build a community behavior on student press that growth naturally among them, they realize as an intellectual youth generation have an obligation to lifted law and constitution base on Allah and humanity value at the same time. As children of their parents who have prays, dreams and purposes about them, The student press office grown as a community with profound value to be live for their future happiness and a good shelter for their University to be uphold with. Hasan and Jenifer is a couple which have a limited time of romantic moment between them, with their studying and student press office activity, so little time for both of them to have a such moment. Many of those moment is only can be written on papers by them, on birthday cards, on daily agenda, on jokes in lunch time. They made a time capsule for both of them, to be read when they were married in the future and have a real love moment by themselves as a family.

The fall down of Hameed mind collapsing empire.

On a night of Ramadhan, Hasan is gently speaks to his brother Hameed about a tale on how pharaoh empire end in BC, he also gently tells a story on how a sheikh in sahara dessert prays to Allah subhannahuwataalla headed to the eastern star for a wish of qurma trees bow their branch down to take qurma fruit for his breakfasting time, and gently whispered a story of Umar bin Khatab rally his khalifa to the struggle for a freedom of Masjidil Aqsa in Jerussalem all the way to Baitul Maqdis for a freedom of Persian people in Hijriyah. Hasan wants to make his brother Hameed concern awakens on what’s happening surrounds his wild imagination, by enters to the way he thinks, Hasan expecting his brother Hameed to come to his senses and realize the tensity of his sub conciousness mind. Sadly these enlightment tales from Hasan not helping his brother Hameed to rise from his mental illness, Hameed becomes a man with anxiety and a shadow of the doubt for others, fears of losing power overcome him, although he doesn’t have such power at all, cause generally speaking his not a king except for empire of his mind only.

Recklessly Hameed trespassing Hasan’s amateur journalist world, with his mind game, Hameed enters to several student press office in downtown, such as freedom institute student press, media publica student press, student dynamic press, also natural and cultural student press, people voice student press and breaking the wall student press, also an art and academia student press. He plays a National failure on people welfare, and provoke student activist to gathers a fought against government. All these student activist recognize his power play, some of them admires on his agenda, some of them headed for a romantic fought ahead, some of them read his thoughts as duplication of National founding fathers purposes, some of them have a vast hopes and dreams of having a fullest time of studying field timeline, some of them really are believe Hameed agenda is the true meaning of their life. These radicals thought base on public domain of people welfare take places in student activist heart, mind and soul. Enriched with many literature that Hameed brought in front of their eyes to be reads, build an rebellion energy to them and they were simultaneously gathers their troops of struggle by themselves.

For several years, a national student movement is happening, all around the country seems to take a notice in National failure on people welfare. Many issues are build to be fought for, such as an increase of National f&b prices, an increase of National electrical prices, a massive unemployment statistic, a contradiction between National growth index with people welfare, etc. A supra structure of student government is also builds in several country, a coalition between student government being set all around the country. In massive ways, it seems Hameed agenda is being comprehend by student activist in many ways beyond his own knowledge. At the same time, a rumors of Hameed trespassing his brother Hasan’s field is risen. These phenomenon makes Hasan student press office on guard either to be involve with Hameed agenda and also to make a crossed injection issue such as a take over for foreign assets in National heritage and be fully alert on advocacy for the people that becoming a victim of vested interest that surrounds the administration of the state. They were recognize the danger on Hameed mind game, because an uncontrollable thoughts of his, and Hameed surely doesn’t have a capability to closed the war that he started by himself.

Days of stalled moment being alert 24 hours in Hasan student press office, monthly assessment being made by his office, gradually from a take over of foreign assets on National Heritage, citizen safety, public mass traffic, people protection in front of law, economic growth analytics until law and constitutional enforcement being highlights by student magazine for one of the second period of National presidency. And the time of student movement arise in capital state of Jakarta, many from student organization comes to Jakarta gathers a student demonstration with various issues.

Route of student movement being held for months, a vast parade of student demonstration happens in several government building, such as Presidential Palace, House of Representatives, Secretary of National Security Building, Highest Court of Constitution Building and Anti Corruption Committee Building were surrounded by student demonstration from all over the country. By the time these movement happening, Hameed having a down syndrome named liebes comma caused of his fiancé left him for another man. Once in lifetime his being crushed down with the fact of the love he plays started to hit back on him, in the middle of National crowd parade of student movement he sat down on his knees for a forgiveness of his past life at the corner of the city. Set a river of tears of losing his fiancé among the parade and turn his back off on agenda, a broken hearted man living all his spirits of struggle behind him and disappears from the rebel. Hasan is very devastated on what’s happen to his brother Hameed, and barely could not face his losing legacy.

Finally Happiness Comes To Them As They Make Peace With Themselves.

Leaving all memories behind him, Hasan cast his ways of redemption to the mountain, with Jenifer and his friends started a back packing journey all across the country, the fact that his brother Hameed being treated in sanatorium and being diagnose as a schizophrenia acute crushed his soul. And the rush hour on his final years of college put him to set his mind clear for a while, a fresh air of villages and a natural beauty of the mountains is what he, Jenifer and his friends need the most right now. In his ways of journey, Hasan and his fellow friends takes a story by themselves, started a fresh new life, a new page of life and continuing the kindness that they have been build as a community. The pledge that he takes for a moment to become a Publication Director of Student Magazine at Law Faculty in University, were making marks of several happening. None of them he regret of his decision that he took for running student magazine, cause all these route that he have been taking is the route that make Hasan met Jenifer and falls in love.

Their contemplating route takes Hasan and friends to several National Konservatorium places, Malioboro boulevard, Parangtritis beach, Mount of Semeru, Mount of Ciremai, Ranukumbolo lake, on the border between Central Java and West Java; also Mandalawangi, Mount of Gede Pangrango, Surya Kencana Penthouse and Queen’s Alley in Mount of Salak on West Java. Along the way the routes of contemplation they were shares stories, some of it about their childhood, some of it about their life lesson, some of it about their plan in future, some of it about how their comprehend life troubles, and some of it about their journey of life. In these routes, Hasan and friends try to accept their false in life and as a redemption of all, they were looking for their way to resurrect from the ruins of their broken purposes and visionary community agenda. On their way of contemplation aren’t always found an answer, some of it they live like river flow, some of it become a jokes, some of it became romances among them. Back to campus they set a final conclusion of their concept of freedom and justice. These time they want to make it right, Viaduct were console a leadership settlement for good, as an amateur journalist organization on campus, also as a part of a nation, Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Hameed start to lower his guts down, he stop making speeches on social media, Hameed start to write. He write a poem and his brother Hasan is become his icon on poem that he wrote, a lion land, Hasan zodiac start making presence on his life. Hameed start his poem with a broken hearted poem, about his ex girlfriend which still in his mind, heart and soul. The breakup from Hameed fiancé make a highlight on his writing, while he write poem and poetry, still manage to find himself to make a social concern writings. Hameed now making his point on social life such as politic, economy and culture more convenience, so he start making new friends to with people. Slowly and lightly surroundings start to make an attention to Hameed writing and once again he settle a circumstance beyond his knowledge. As a beginner on writing he might lightly making his point but surroundings try to toughen him. The lost of Hameed confidence makes him hard to believe that his mistakes drown his mental to the low level. Hameed who use to be charming and confidence, now become low profile and light talks to others, more polite and now knowing his manners and behavior change. In his poem and poetry, Hameed set a river of tears which sometimes make an attention, he also shared his thoughts in social media and messenger. Little by little, Hameed learning a true life value and amazingly entering a traditional life of Indonesian culture.

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